Get Mattress Shopping Advice and Ratings Online

How do people sift through the hundreds of mattress choices at many price-point levels to get the best mattress for them within their budget? Is it better to only shop at local mattress stores or is purchasing a mattress online safe? How do people eliminate overpriced mattresses or underperforming mattresses? Which mattress construction type will work the best for each person or couple?

Online Rating Sites

Online rating sites are a huge help in narrowing down the mattress selection to a workable level. Sites such as Ted & Stacy’s Mattress guide are the best because they do a lot of research before rating mattresses. They look at the results of other rating sites and they collect customer satisfaction ratings. They talk to mattress industry experts and they do their own testing and research. They have different rating and advice areas to look through.

  • Mattress construction and material categories. There are five main categories of mattress construction: memory foam, innerspring, latex, air beds, and water beds. The mattress guide describes each type and its advantages and disadvantages. They give a list of what features to look for in each type mattress.
  • The best manufacturers and individual mattresses in each construction type. If a customer chooses to look at memory foam mattresses, they will find reviews of the best memory foam mattresses on the market with pricing and good and bad points of each.
  • The best mattress of each construction type in each of three price points. So, a person can see the best mattress in the budget category, the mid-level quality, and premium quality. A person with a small budget can find a list of the best mattresses for $300.00 or $600.00 and so on. The same can be found for mid-range and premium mattresses.

Advantages of Rating Sites

These guides are important because they help customers avoid mattresses at every price level that do not perform well or that are overpriced. In the memory foam type mattresses, there are mattresses at the midprice level that perform as well or better than some premium price level mattresses. There are newer companies manufacturing high-quality, affordable mattresses that sell directly to the consumer online. Without the mattress guides, buyers might miss them.

Mattress buyer’s guides do the testing and gather the customer ratings so that buyers feel more comfortable ordering online mattresses with high ratings and generous return policies. Find more online.